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13th March 2018

YDEF Annual Day


The highlight of our year! Applications now open to our annual day

*UPDATED Programme here*

Assessing work-related well-being of Diabetes / Endocrine StRs - A YDEF initiative to help to improve training conditions


It is about TIME we assess the work place well-being for the trainee registrars in our wonderful specialty i.e. Diabetes & Endocrinology. It is something not done before in our specialty in UK but American physicians do it on a yearly basis. It is an important aspect to identify in our training and it may help improve work related experience and the stressors faced by our StR. This survey is completely anonymous and it may have a significant impact on identifying work related well-being/burnout.

Please note that we the organisers have to pay for each link (approx 2£ to click a licensed survey link, even if you do not complete) so please click only when you have ten minutes to spare for your specialty.

This independent survey will help us identify the concerns and status of work-related well-being in Diabetes and Endocrine StRs across England, Wales & Scotland so please take 10 minutes to fill this survey. Please note that this is the pre-survey page (surveyMonkey - free site) which will then take you to the actual link for Mind Garden (paid) site.


Click here to start


Thank you for your time to fill out this survey.


Post CCT Survey

Calling all post-CCT D&E doctors! ABCD, SfE and DUK are conducting their post-CCT survey in conjunction with the RCP and need YOUR input!

The survey is aimed at post CCT doctors and consultants and its main aim is to find out where people are working, the work they do and their scheduled (and unscheduled) activities.

The main aim is to get as accurate a picture as possible about provision of services in order to further improve and develop recruitment.

It is also an opportunity to highlight all the good work we do in this specialty!

If you are post CCT or know of someone who is and have yet to receive a link, please contact Stella George (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a link to the survey.

If you have received a link PLEASE complete the survey as it is due to close on 31st December 2016.

About YDEF

Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists' Forum is the trainee and young consultants wing of Diabetes UK and serves three core functions - education, communication and representation. Our work is also supported by the ABCD and the SfE. Our mission is to enable high quality care for people with diabetes by delivering excellence in diabetes specialist education and providing an effective voice for young diabetologists and endocrinologists.

Blood Glucose Meters

Guide to Blood Glucose Meters (Blood Glucose Monitors)

Over 25 blood glucose meters are available in the UK

Compare Blood Glucose Meters


Abbott Diabetes Care

Freestyle Freedom Lite Abbott Diabetes Care A small handy meter. Easy to read, easy to use.
Freestyle InsuLinx Abbott Diabetes Care A touch screen meter. With Insulin dose +/- carbs calculator.
Freestyle Optium Abbott Diabetes Care Blood and Ketone Meter. Easy to use


Accu-Chek Aviva Accu-Chek Light, slim and discreet
Accu-Chek Aviva Combo Accu-Chek Smallish, slim and downloadable a general purpose meter
Accu-Chek Aviva Expert Accu-Chek Helps you calculate your carb ratios and allows for insulin on board. Essentially a meter with a fancy calculator. Consider for innumerate DAFNE graduates.
Accu-Chek Mobile Accu-Chek Bulky. Comes with a fancy lancet clicker and can draw graphs. Like a early 90's graphic calculator
Accu-Chek Aviva Nano Accu-Chek Small and does the job. Downloadable.

Bayer Diabetes Care

Bayer Contour USB Bayer This meter plugs into your USB port - so automatically works with preloaded software on your mac or pc
Breeze 2 Bayer No coding. No fuss. Basic meter
Contour Bayer No coding. No fuss. Basic meter. With an alledgly gentle lancet
Contour Link Bayer The Contour Link works alongside Medtronic insulin pumps and transmits blood sugar readings wirelessly.
Didget Bayer Good for the kids - plugs into a Nintendo DS!

BBI Healthcare

Clever Chek BBI Healthcare Has voice commands for those with poor vision


Omnitest 3 BBI Healthcare New and German. Probably good.


Glucomen LX Plus BBI Healthcare Allows ketone testing too.
Glucomen GM BBI Healthcare Slimmer than your fat fingers!


GlucoRx BBI Healthcare Small. Takes a bit longer that some other - perhaps more precise
GlucoRx Nexus BBI Healthcare Larger than above. Large LCD screen. Easier to read

Home Diagnostics

TrueResult BBI Healthcare A basic meter.
TrueResult Twist BBI Healthcare Meter on your testing strip pot. great for out and about, sports etc. Not downloadable.


IME-DC IME-DC A simple meter - only one button.

Lifescan (One Touch)

Lifescan One Touch Ultra 2 Lifescan A popular basic downloadable meter.
Lifescan One Touch UltraEasy Lifescan Slim. Downloadable and comes in bright colours. If you like that sort of thing
Lifescan One Touch UltraSmart Lifescan Combination blood glucose meter and logbook. Perhaps easier to see trends in results
Lifescan One Touch VerioPro Lifescan Detects trends in glucose readings. Shows results a bit like a logbook
Lifescan One Touch Vita Lifescan Detects trends in glucose readings. Shows results a bit like a logbook


Mendor Discreet Lifescan Meter, lancet, tester all in one. Created by a design team that includes someone with Type 1D diabetes. Upload to web-based software. It comes in black and white - to match your iphone.

Sanofi Aventis

iBG Star Lifescan Plugs into your iphone. Nuff said.

SD Biosensor

SD Codefree Lifescan Cheap strips

Spirit Healthcare

CareSens N Lifescan Made in the UK. Small basic meter.


WaveSense Jazz Lifescan Jazz. Nice. Is allegedly highly accurate


Ypsomed mylife Pura Lifescan They make the Omnipod patch pump and have made a matching meter.

DILT1D - New Research Project

Calling all newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes patients! Would you like to help research into a potential new treatment?

Get involved with an exciting new research project taking place at the University of Cambridge.

" Adaptive study of IL-2 dose on regulatory T cells in type 1 diabetes"  (DILT1D) study

National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day has been launched this week. www.nationalfitnessday.com

It is on Friday 27th September and we are asking the nation to join in an Empower Half Hour at 1.00pm for 30 minutes of physical activity and fun!

Jason Cheung

"Jason" / Wui Hang is a diabetes and endocrinology trainee in the north-central London deanery. He is currently studying for an MD(Res) doctorate degree focussing on diabetes and the gut hormone response post bariatric surgery. His particular interests include severe complex obesity and it's surgical management, a rapidly growing specialist field. As a committee member he will ensure that trainee well being remains a priority by continuing involvement in an online support group he helped to set up for doctors in distress. (click here for Tea & Empathy)

Diabetes UK Type 2 Diabetes Priority Setting Partnership

Diabetes UK want to give healthcare professionals a louder voice in research, and ensure that the research that we and others fund takes into account your invaluable experiences.

They are searching for the research priorities of people with Type 2 diabetes, their carers and healthcare professionals

It's so important that the responses received reflect the broad remit and experience of healthcare professionals that work across diabetes, so please take part.

They want to hear about your experiences of treating people with Type 2 diabetes: please tell them the questions about Type 2 diabetes you most want answered by research.

Click here for more

Views on YDEF

Every young diabetologist should join the YD[E]F.  It provides friendly support, really good educational meetings, additional training opportunities, and encouragement for future consultant diabetologists.  YD[E]F are also good fun to be with!  I wish YD[E]F well in the future. 

Rowan Hillson, National Clinical Director for Diabetes

The YD[E]F exemplifies all that is best amongst our young diabetologists in training. They have taken the initiative, set up their own group & provided excellent and relevant courses and meetings for their members. I am greatly impressed by their energy and initiative. Long may they continue! 

George Alberti, Chairman, Diabetes UK

The YD[E]F is an impressive organisation that fills a vital gap for SpRs in diabetes by offering them high-quality training opportunities, such as the OCDEM/YD[E]F State of the Art Course held each year in Oxford. The YD[E]F also provides a central voice for SpRs that is a powerful source of advocacy for their career interests. 

Rury Holman, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, Oxford

The strength of the YD[E]F lies in its inclusivity amongst trainees in diabetes and endocrinology, and its cohesion serves to drive upwards the standards of training and patient management.. 

Simon Aylwin, Society for Endocrinology lead on education

Having been involved at the conception of the YD[E]F some years ago, I am delighted and impressed to see how well it has flourished. Reflecting on this I believe that a key to its continued success was the decision to place the organization and leadership entirely in the hands of the SpRs. This leadership has been outstanding. They have introduced new and relevant educational courses, an excellent and very active web site, and audits relevant to trainees. Their relationship with other organisations including ABCD, DiabetesUK and the pharmaceutical industry has been exemplary. The YD[E]F held in very high regard and as such is a powerful voice for SpR training in diabetes.. 

Gerry Rayman, National Inpatient Diabetes Lead, NHS Diabetes

The YD[E]F plays a pivotal role in the development of the diabetes community by complementing training provided by the NHS, regular meetings are well attended as are the wide variety of training courses. 

Mark Savage, Joint British Diabetes Societies

The YD[E]F has grown at an amazing rate over recent years and offers real added value to SpR's in diabetes with an impressive portfolio of high quality teaching and training opportunities. The organising committee are to be congratulated on their achievements. 

Melanie Davies, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, Leicester

The YD[E]F increasingly show us all how a clinical and educational meeting should be structured and organised. 

Mark Strachan, Clinical Lead, Edinburgh

YD[E]F Scotland provides an excellent forum for trainees to share experiences and develop innovative ways of delivering quality diabetes care in Scotland. 

Donald Pearson, Professor of Diabetes, Aberdeen

In a very short time YD[E]F has established itself as an organisation to which all trainees in Endocrinology and Diabetes should belong. It costs nothing to join, provides excellent education  and also gives its members a chance to shape the future of training. 

Patrick Bell, Secretary, Specialist Advisory Committee, JRCPTB

The YD[E]F is a very important part of the diabetes training jigsaw. It tackles the training needs of trainees in diabetes that are not addressed by the formal curriculum, or large multi-disciplinary meetings. As the agenda is set by trainees themselves it is vibrant and lively. As a speaker, it is always a delight to be asked to present at a YDF meeting. 

Miles Fisher, Medical Director and Professor, Glasgow

The Little Fluid Book

If you are puzzled by the evidence (or lack thereof) in how to chose IV fluids in various scenarios, here's a free quick reference tool.

Muna Nwokolo

Munachiso Nwokolo is an Endocrinology and Diabetes trainee bred and based in the London Deanery. She graduated from University College London in 2008 and as a core medical trainee developed an interest in quality improvement projects and education. She was shortlisted for the London Deanery Trainee Innovation in Education Award 2010. 

Muna is currently the North Central specialty trainee representative and is about to embark on an academic career under the supervision of Prof Amiel and Dr Pratik Choudhary. 

Muna joined the YDEF committee in March 2013 and has taken on the role of secretary, BMA Junior Doctors Committee representative and NEYD course organiser.


Click here to email Muna

Innovators in Diabetes (IDia)

Are you an early career researcher with an interest in diabetes? Do you have the potential to develop into a leader in the field?

The exciting Innovator in Diabetes (IDia) programme is your chance to expand your knowledge, gain new skills and network with other like-minded researchers. The IDia programme is now open for applications until Monday 26 January 2015.

YDEF NHS Reforms Guide All you wanted to know about 'management stuff' but were afraid to ask!



The NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) is an independent national organisation that will be responsible for ensuring the NHS delivers better outcomes for patients from April 2013. Read more here 


Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are clusters of GP practices that will be responsible for commissioning the majority of healthcare in England from April 2013. Read more here



The Commissioning Outcomes Framework (COF) will assess the quality of the services commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Read more here 


The ‘Fair Shares’ funding formula is designed to take into account information on population when assessing the overall needs of each CCG area. Read more here


Healthwatch England, the new national independent consumer champion for health and social care in England, has been officially launched. Read more here


Value Based Pricing will incorporate a broader assessment of the value of a medicine, known as value based pricing, for new medicines (new active substances) Read more here


QIPP – Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention seeks to find £20billion efficiency savings by 2014-15, which will be reinvested in frontline care. Read more here



NHS England

NHS England (formerly known as the NHS Commissioning Board) is an independent national organisation responsible for the day-to-day running of the NHS. Read more here.

NHS Mandate

‘The Mandate’ is a document setting out the Government’s overall objectives for the NHS. Read more here.


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