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Written by Amar Puttanna on 31 August 2014. Modified on 07 January 2017. Hits: 5333

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Well done on being interested in the best speciality there is! We at YDEF are interested in helping and developing you into an all action D& E trainee (if that is what you want of course!) 

Our specialty is a great mix of common and uncommon conditions which are enough to widen your eyes in interest…and that’s not just about Grave’s disease! What other specialty allows you to manage the complex chronicity and challenges of diabetes with the acute and life-threatening presentations of thyrotoxic or Addisonian crises.

There is so much to the specialty, we deal with vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, lipids and familial cancer syndromes. Of course if you do like the less exotic we have more than enough diabetic challenges to go around from newer medication to managing patients with kidney disease/dialysis or Charcot’s joints!

There are a few misconceptions….. 

Diabetes is all about feet… it’s not!

I like endocrinology but not sure about diabetes…..diabetes IS endocrinology, there are so many interesting aspects of diabetes care and the opportunity to sub-specialise in various aspects such as obesity, lipid management, cardiovascular or renal to name a few.

It’s not as glamourous/it’s boring…..I can assure you this is NOT the case.

Will I really see any of the interesting conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, Pseudohypoparathyroidism, pituitary adenomas...yes you will!


There are lots of opportunities available to you starting with our website. Join YDEF (it’s free!) and you will be able to get involved in national audits and other projects as well as keeping up to date on any interesting developments in our specialty. You will have access to our website, a monthly newsletter and even attendance at some of our courses aimed at non-specialists.

The other thing to do is join a few of our societies. The Society for Endocrinology is free for students or doctors who are not yet registrars (FY to CMT). If you are a student, not only is it free but you also get the chance for free conference attendance, essay prizes or even summer holiday clinical research experience. Definitely worthwhile!

The Society for Endocrinology have also developed a section on careers which may help you understand the specialty. What is especially useful is the recently developed leaflet written with the help of members of YDEF (among others) and has lots of helpful tips and information to aid you in deciding whether the specialty is for you! See here!

Also, be on the lookout for our taster days. These are events organised by ourselves to talk about our specialty and things you may want to know if you are considering a career with us. They are also a good way to meet other trainees and get some ideas! Don’t forget the BMA careers fair which we also help out with and is another way to find out more about our speciality.

We at YDEF are always looking for suggestions and are happy to help with any specific queries you may have, so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If there is anything we can do to further your interest just ask! We are an enthusiastic and dedicated bunch, I would like to say we have diabetes running through our veins but that does not sound quite right!

Click here for suggestions of how to plan for a career in our specialty


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