ABCD National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP)

Written by Kelly Cheer on 18 March 2014. Modified on 12 April 2015. Hits: 7708

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The NDCMP is a national initiative providing mentorship for newly-appointed consultants in diabetes and endocrinology. The purpose of the NDCMP is to support the development of consultants in diabetes and endocrinology for the future benefit of themselves and, thereby, our speciality and our patients.

The NDCMP is not a training initiative. It is not appraisal, job planning  or CME. It is not yet another process of educational supervision. It is not line management and it has nothing to do with your own employers performance management processes. It is not about dealing with failure but about prompting success. It is a self-development opportunity. It has been established because both YDEF and ABCD see that there is an imperative need to broaden the understanding of what it is to be a consultant in diabetes and endocrinology. To promote that understanding, it makes powerful use of the knowledge and wisdom of established consultants, through Mentorship, in supporting the on-going development of those entering consultant-hood.

Feedback from diabetologists already enrolled in the programme is excellent.

For colleagues in training we wish you to be aware of this programme.  For those in their final year who are in the process of job application please feel free to make yourselves known to us for further information and to register your interest. For those who have been appointed, or are now established consultants, please consider if you wish to access this programme and join one of the forthcoming orientation workshops.

There is no obligation for you to be an ABCD member unless you  subsequently choose to take up a Mentorship relationship. Attendance at this meeting does not obligate you to take it up, that is a subsequent decision, but one must attend the meeting in order to access the programme. Your travel expenses will be met however we will not fund overnight stays other than in special circumstances.  Places on the programme are now limited.

For further information, please visit website at or view the documents below.

To express interest in registering for the next meeting contact Dr Singh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NDCMP Invitation to Trainees

NDCMP Comments from Mentees

NDCMP Overview of Mentorship

NDCMP Orientation & Calibration



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