Blood Glucose Meters

Written by Ali Chakera on 30 March 2012. Modified on 15 August 2013. Hits: 25294

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Guide to Blood Glucose Meters (Blood Glucose Monitors)

Over 25 blood glucose meters are available in the UK

Compare Blood Glucose Meters


Abbott Diabetes Care

Freestyle Freedom Lite Abbott Diabetes Care A small handy meter. Easy to read, easy to use.
Freestyle InsuLinx Abbott Diabetes Care A touch screen meter. With Insulin dose +/- carbs calculator.
Freestyle Optium Abbott Diabetes Care Blood and Ketone Meter. Easy to use


Accu-Chek Aviva Accu-Chek Light, slim and discreet
Accu-Chek Aviva Combo Accu-Chek Smallish, slim and downloadable a general purpose meter
Accu-Chek Aviva Expert Accu-Chek Helps you calculate your carb ratios and allows for insulin on board. Essentially a meter with a fancy calculator. Consider for innumerate DAFNE graduates.
Accu-Chek Mobile Accu-Chek Bulky. Comes with a fancy lancet clicker and can draw graphs. Like a early 90's graphic calculator
Accu-Chek Aviva Nano Accu-Chek Small and does the job. Downloadable.

Bayer Diabetes Care

Bayer Contour USB Bayer This meter plugs into your USB port - so automatically works with preloaded software on your mac or pc
Breeze 2 Bayer No coding. No fuss. Basic meter
Contour Bayer No coding. No fuss. Basic meter. With an alledgly gentle lancet
Contour Link Bayer The Contour Link works alongside Medtronic insulin pumps and transmits blood sugar readings wirelessly.
Didget Bayer Good for the kids - plugs into a Nintendo DS!

BBI Healthcare

Clever Chek BBI Healthcare Has voice commands for those with poor vision


Omnitest 3 BBI Healthcare New and German. Probably good.


Glucomen LX Plus BBI Healthcare Allows ketone testing too.
Glucomen GM BBI Healthcare Slimmer than your fat fingers!


GlucoRx BBI Healthcare Small. Takes a bit longer that some other - perhaps more precise
GlucoRx Nexus BBI Healthcare Larger than above. Large LCD screen. Easier to read

Home Diagnostics

TrueResult BBI Healthcare A basic meter.
TrueResult Twist BBI Healthcare Meter on your testing strip pot. great for out and about, sports etc. Not downloadable.


IME-DC IME-DC A simple meter - only one button.

Lifescan (One Touch)

Lifescan One Touch Ultra 2 Lifescan A popular basic downloadable meter.
Lifescan One Touch UltraEasy Lifescan Slim. Downloadable and comes in bright colours. If you like that sort of thing
Lifescan One Touch UltraSmart Lifescan Combination blood glucose meter and logbook. Perhaps easier to see trends in results
Lifescan One Touch VerioPro Lifescan Detects trends in glucose readings. Shows results a bit like a logbook
Lifescan One Touch Vita Lifescan Detects trends in glucose readings. Shows results a bit like a logbook


Mendor Discreet Lifescan Meter, lancet, tester all in one. Created by a design team that includes someone with Type 1D diabetes. Upload to web-based software. It comes in black and white - to match your iphone.

Sanofi Aventis

iBG Star Lifescan Plugs into your iphone. Nuff said.

SD Biosensor

SD Codefree Lifescan Cheap strips

Spirit Healthcare

CareSens N Lifescan Made in the UK. Small basic meter.


WaveSense Jazz Lifescan Jazz. Nice. Is allegedly highly accurate


Ypsomed mylife Pura Lifescan They make the Omnipod patch pump and have made a matching meter.

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