Written by Kelly Cheer on 18 February 2012. Modified on 03 October 2015. Hits: 15846

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The YDEF ABC of D&E is the reincarnation of the YDEF Foundation course. It is aimed primarily to those in the first two years of training.   Applications will be considered from those further on in training, but priority given to those in the early stages.

The aims of the course are to introduce and increase confidence in management of some of the common clinical scenarios that might be met when dealing with patients with diabetes in clinics and on the wards.  This is done in a friendly environment using a mixture of interactive workshops and case-based discussions.  The YDEF ABC of D&E course covers the diagnosis, treatment, complications and advice on living with diabetes and endocrinology, as well as a session on work-life balance and progression as a diabetes registrar.

The course has always received excellent feedback, and has been modified year on year according to which sessions have received the best feedback.  Another key element is to allow new trainees to meet up with other peers and colleagues, and as such, there is a strong social emphasis on the course. After a hiatus we have secured the funding to restart this course and hope to run it in the new year (2015).

Your registration includes all meals and accommodation costs. As the course is residential, it is mandatory that you stay with the group at the hotel and attend the meals. If you are unable to fulfil these requirements, please let us know in advance. It is also mandatory to attend the course in full - so please don't request if you can attend only a day or two!  We are yet to confirm the dates for the next course, but hope to do so in the near future.

Please note, as part of your application to the course you will be asked to submit a case discussion for the meeting.  This doesn’t have to be anything especially rare, in fact common day-to-day problems encountered in clinics may be more appropriate!

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